Security Warning on Dashboard

As of about a week ago I noticed that on the dashboard I have a security warning about a device with message Currently one armed security system transmits an alert. I have none set to transmit alerts as all this is handled through my DSC alarm. I can’t find any info on how to resolve this issue any suggestions running 1.7.4452 with EVL4 on the DSC panel. Not going to go any deeper on zones etc with alarm panel. Any help is appreciated.

The logic here is that you have a device with its armedtripped variable set to 1. That’s what you need to be looking for and set it to 0. Likely some bug/corruption in the engine which failed to toggle that variable back.

@rafale77 Thanks , i’ll start looking

@rafale77 been through all alarm devices andnon-alarm devices all are set to “0”. Any more ideas? Even looking with AltUI I am not able to find anything.

This is odd since it is the one thing the engine is basing that dashboard state on. There might be something about the plugin that I don’t know since I am not using it but to the best of my knowledge the dashboard reports counts of that device variable being “1”.

Now having the same problem, no tripped alarms but perminent “1 armed security system transmits alarm” on the dashboard.

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