Send notifications via Activities possible?


I’m pretty much using Reactor exclusively now - scenes are just not needed… except where sending a notification/alert is concerned. Am I correct in saying that you cannot send a notification to a Vera user from Activities directly? The only way I’ve worked out how to do this is by creating a manually triggered scene which sends an alert, and then call this scene from reactor.



Even Vera themselves create a scene for this. If you go in to the Notifications tab on a device, and set up a notification that way, it actually creates a scene with a “hidden” attribute that does the work. Otherwise, there is no way I can “stimulate” Luup to send a notification.

So… not perfect, but, you can go into the “Notifications” tab on a ReactorSensor and set a notification there. Vera then manages the hidden scene and you don’t have to.



Oh, I never thought of doing it that way. Thank you.



I use Prowl for this. I’m new to Reactor, but I’m sticking with Prowl for handling all sorts of notifications. Here’s one I just set up for when Vera reboots. Under the Activities tab of that Reactor sensor, I select Run Lua, and placed this in the code box:

– Inform me when Vera restarts.
return true