Send notifications via Activities possible?

I’m pretty much using Reactor exclusively now - scenes are just not needed… except where sending a notification/alert is concerned. Am I correct in saying that you cannot send a notification to a Vera user from Activities directly? The only way I’ve worked out how to do this is by creating a manually triggered scene which sends an alert, and then call this scene from reactor.

Even Vera themselves create a scene for this. If you go in to the Notifications tab on a device, and set up a notification that way, it actually creates a scene with a “hidden” attribute that does the work. Otherwise, there is no way I can “stimulate” Luup to send a notification.

So… not perfect, but, you can go into the “Notifications” tab on a ReactorSensor and set a notification there. Vera then manages the hidden scene and you don’t have to.

Oh, I never thought of doing it that way. Thank you.

I use Prowl for this. I’m new to Reactor, but I’m sticking with Prowl for handling all sorts of notifications. Here’s one I just set up for when Vera reboots. Under the Activities tab of that Reactor sensor, I select Run Lua, and placed this in the code box:

– Inform me when Vera restarts.
return true

@rigpapa - Sorry to resurrect this topic. I’m trying something which may not be supported…

I have a Reactor group which checks if a door is opened and when true, I call a (manually) triggered Vera scene which sends an alert to my phone. That’s all this scene does.

Reactor trips just fine (condition is true) and I have manually checked the scene in Vera to ensure the notification is sent, but I never receive the notification via this Reactor activity.

Maybe the problem is that the scene contains no actions as it’s just sending an alert?

Yes, you are correct. Reactor will run the scene itself, but is unable to send notifications. There are a couple of workarounds (choose one):

  1. If your Reactor uses its tripped/untripped state (root group) activity to run the scene for notification, you can set up the notification on your RS’s Notifications tab instead of making your own scene.
  2. A variant on the foregoing, you can run your existing scene by setting your RS as the scene’s trigger, rather than using a RunScene activity.
  3. You can set UseReactorScenes in your RS to 0, which will cause that RS to run any Vera scene using Vera’s native scene runner, at the cost of task survivability across reload/reboot.

I didn’t know about “UseReactorScenes”. Thanks.

I knew about your first two suggestions but the problem I have is that in my RS, I have many subgroups with their own notification requirements so triggering at the root level isn’t granular enough. I could break out the logic into separate RS’s but I was trying to reduce the number of them.

No biggie though and thanks for clarifying.

@sm2117, then UseReactorScenes is definitely the way to go for you. It lets you keep your groups, and the notifications via your Vera scenes, both.