Send telnet command to Lutron Grafikeye QS ip interface

Hi All experts,
I have a Vera 3 with UI 7 and would like to send telnet commands to a Lutron Grafikeye QS Dimmer with the IP interface attached.
I use it with another app called irule and know the commands well. I can send the commands via Windows Telnet and it works fine. My issue is that I don’t know LUA…
I use the Sonos plug in with LUa that works great. What I would like to do in the first place is to send a login then be able to send the commands. It sends the commands from the webui. When I change to the wrong IP it fails.

I have looked at snippets of code and also tried the Lutron plug in without success.

My code that I hoped should work looks like this:

local socket = require(“socket”)
host = “”
c = assert(socket.connect(host, 23))

The #Device command works fine in Telnet.exe so I know that works. If I get this to work I would like to use and feedback back from the Lutron system as well but that is the next step :slight_smile:

If anyone have any pointers I would appriciate it. I might need to put in a sleep command in between the two send commands.

Thanks in advance


Did you get a solution to your problem ?

I have the same problem : I try to send telnet command to Lutron QS interface.

Thanks in advance for your support


I would be interested if you figured out how to do telnet commands as well. (for a different project.)