Sending TTS to Google Home Mini

I wanted to know since Google Assistant works with Vera now, can we have Vera send TTS (Text to Speech) commands or audio output to the google Home mini or Google home speakers?

Is there a way to do this with HTTP?

I use vera concierge

That is awesome.

I want to let Google home mini know that the frontdoor or backdoor is being opened. Google home mini must indicate this via text to speech.

Can you indicate how this works with vera concierge and what steps you must take to make this work? Then we don’t have to figure this out ourselves.

the only disadvantahe to this is u will need more hardware like server or raspberry pi

My English is not that good, but I am trying to write it down!

I want to purchase a Raspberry Pi 4 (Pi4) to install Vera concierge and Vera alerts. But I have two questions:

  • If I understand correctly when I have Vera concierge and vera alerst install on de Pi4 it is possible that google home mini gives with spoken words “front door is open” when the front door opens. Is this correct?
  • Can I also perform openluup in combination with vera concierge and vera alerts on the Raspberry Pi 4 ?
  1. yes

I have bought a raspberry pi 4. I use vera navite intergration for Google Home. Do I have to use both Vera Concierge and Vera Alerts to let Google Home pronounce the phrase “front door is open” when the front door is opened? Or only Vera Alerts?

Any updates on getting TTS to work through Google home or Google home mini?

I have now OpenLuup and Vera conciërge working on my Pi4. You can use concierge to pronounce sentences in your own language. I still have a problem. If you are playing music on your google home the music stops and the sentence is pronounce, the music stop playing. After that, music will not continue to play. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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