sensor to turn off room when i leave the room


I am looking at putting sensors in some of the rooms in my house so that when i enter the room it turns on all the devices in the room and then turns them all off when i leave.

my issue is that i can set a scene to shut down room when no movement is detected but once no movement is detected (even if i add a delay) it will turn off the room . I want to be able to reset the scene once movement is detected again so that the room wont shut down from previously not detecting motion while i am in there.

Hope that makes sense!!

Step 1: Install PLEG
Step 2: Learn PLEG
Step 3: Asks lots of PLEG questions and keep learning

You can’t do what you want with vera scenes. It will require PLEG or custom lua and possibly both.

I second PLEG. With a timer, movement can reset a timer so after, let’s say 10 minutes of no movement, the room is turned off. Any movement within 10 minutes would reset the timer. Just don’t take a nap in the room.

Use multiple triggers.

Have multiple motion detectors and if the room has a door include a door sensor if you normally keep the door closed or open for specific time periods, bedroom, office, bathroom, etc.

The multiple motion sensors is to catch motion at different angles. The door sensor is to act as the trigger for the room is “clear”. Such as my bathroom has motion to turn on the lights then to turn off I use the motion sensor AND the door sensor both must be true before the lights turn off and in my case it’s NO motion Door OPEN. Made the wife and kids very un-happy with the lights turning off because of no motion.

DelayLight will also do this, and might be easier to bite off than PLEG. Its delay timers restart every time the sensors trip, deferring the off action. It also can work in conjunction with a door sensor, for example, to hold the lights on when the door is open, even if movement is not detected (very useful in garages, storage rooms, unfinished basements, attics, etc.).

I did something using LUUP code.

Motion sensor detects motion triggers scene. Scene Luup code waits 90 seconds and check lux reading from sensor. If lights on, set heat to specific temperature.

Motion sensor no longer detects motion, triggers scene. Luup code in scene waits 90 seconds, if lights are off, turn down the heat, otherwise do nothing.

And this is why I don’t use motions to turn off lights much.

In rooms like hallways, closets and such usually work fine. But bedrooms, living rooms, dinning room or office don’t work for me either due to lack off movement when your still in the room. Sitting or laying on a couch watching tv, reading a book, on the cell phone or tablet (and more) all look like no movement to the motion detector. I never used any but maybe you need to research “occupancy sensor vs. motion sensor”.

Wasp in a box algorithm:,13920.msg105059.html#msg105059

Cheers for the replies.

I am testing out this method.

when no motion detected start Timer. If motion detected cancel timer. If timer counts down to specified time shut down lights. if motion detected turn on lights

A bit old post, but worth trying :). I tested DelayLight with no luck for me. After playing around with it whole evening I didn’t manage to get what I want.

I am trying to turn lights off if there is no motion more than 5 minutes. If movement is detected again in in less then 5 minutes I want to cancel action.

Can you share how you configured your timer ?

Thank you

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