Set the usb z-wave stick default

I want to set usb z-wave stick(GEN5) default z-wave module instead of internal one for my vera3 Ui7. How can I do that? I can change it at the z-wave settings page but when I restore defaults it always choose the internal z-wave modul.

You can’t do what you want to do by default.
Set it to your UZB Com Port and don’t restore defaults, just leave it.
It will default to this setting after a shutdown.
Using Restore settings is just that; it restores to the factory default.

I want to use my vera secure backup at vera3 UI7 when waiting vera secure RMA process. Each time restoring vera secure back up to the vera 3, it always choose internal z-wave modul and that might be cause lost lots of GEN5 devices at the vera 3. Is there any idea about it?

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