Setting different level of notification for each device


Hi, I apologize if this topic has been brought up before. I’m relatively new to vera, been using it for about 6 months and I haven’t been able to get notification to work the way I expected it to. I’m using UI5 btw.

First of all, there is no concept of difference level of notification (e.g. logging -> email -> text msg). The only option is either to enable all email or all text messages by the setting it in ‘My Contact Info’ under Account tab.

Ideally, it would be great if each device can be configured for either logging, email or text msg. I assume activity on certain devices are more important than the others, so different level of notification is necessary.

For example, I have many light switches, I don’t want to get text msg or even email notification every time they’re on/off, 'cause these devices is less critical. However, I would still like to log their activity, so I would set them to just log the activity.

Another example is, I have side door entry into the house that shouldn’t get use and it’s important that I get notify immediately if sensor is tripped, so I would set the door sensor for this device to the text msg notification (and also still log the event).

I like to hear other people experience with notification and see if anybody know of plugin that would allow to set this type of notification.

Thanks in advance!



If you want to log events rather than send notifications, check-out EventWatcher.

You can get a lot more control over notifications by using VeraAlerts.



VeraAlerts is what I use to send email notification. Even with VeraAlerts, that still rely on notification on each device being either enabled or disabled. I haven’t use EventWatcher, will check it out, thanks.

I feel the real change will need to come from how each device is configure under the notification tab. There really need to be 3 options of how you want to receive activity for each device. This is how most alerting system is usually configured. It would be great if Vera incorporate this type of alerting. It’s very common to have less critical alert go to email while more critical alert go direct text/page.



You can do that with Vera Alerts …
Create Different Users for each category.
AlertUser - Sends Vera Alerts with Repeating Tone to Mobile Phone.
NotifyUser - Sends SMS to Mobile phone
LogUser - Sends Email to some email account.

Then specify which user(s) get a notification.



You can fire VeraAlerts from a scene or PLEG instead of directly from a device. This allows you to insert logic to filter notifications according to the state of other devices. So, for example, you could raise a notification when a door was opened only at night. etc.



I got it to work somewhat the way I wanted, thanks RichardTSchaefer.

I made the main user to receive the sms, since the sms seem only apply to main user when you select the checkbox under account. I then created another user to receive email. I basically have 2 accounts that does this:

smsUser - receive sms notification only for certain important device (I also turn off email notification for this user).
emailUser - receive email notification for ALL device (mainly use to log all device activities for history).

I have to redo my account and notification from scratch, but so far, this is working as expected. I set notification for all devices and have it email the emailUser. For the important device, I select the smsUser in addition to the emailUser.