Simple UI Feature request

When viewing the Devices tab they can be sorted by Room, Type, or List. Subgroups appear under each of these types of sorting. Each subgroup can be collapsed to show only a subgroup name. It would be nice to be able to collapse (or expand) all subgroups. That way for instance I wouldn’t have to scroll down through all the rooms, collapsing each one to get to the room device I’m really interested in.

Right there with ya on this, bro! I made this same Feature Request a couple of months ago, but cannot for the life of me find that post (perhaps it got deleted?).

Yes, I was searching for other feature suggestions that I had seen in the past. It appears that that category has been deleted? Perhaps there’s been a change of management at the top. User/developer feedback is no longer wanted. But I best not complain too much or I’ll be banned from the forum for life.


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#feature_request @Sorin


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