Siri Shortcuts Unreliable

Has anyone gotten Siri Shortcuts to work RELIABLY? For me they work maybe 20% of the time. Siri almost always interprets what I say correctly but I then get several different errors and then the scene I’m trying to run fails to execute. Interestingly, sometimes when the scene does execute, Siri reports that it failed! :thinking:

I have little problem running Siri Shortcuts with other apps. The problem seems to be related to Vera.


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They’re pretty stable for me probably 1% of the time it doesn’t work. What app version are you running?

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I keep my instruction very short if I can.
I name my scenes with simple names…
So my discussion with Siri becomes like: “siri turn kitchen on” (kitchen is the scene name, and this doesn’t contradict with its own internal naming)
I would also say, its fairly stable.

I’m using the latest version for iOS, 3.38. My system is a VeraPlus also running the latest firmware, 1.7.4970 (7.31)



I do keep the names as short as possible, e.g., “Fans Off”, “Right Garage Open”, etc… I can also see on my display that Siri usually gets the translation correct. And as I mentioned in my initial message, its only my shortcuts to the Vera app that are unreliable.



You. are right, I am having the same issues, some times siri fails to tell the correct out come, mainly i am using it with my garage door with simple commands “open garage gate” or “close garage gate”, many times i get failed messages that siri cloud not execute the command but after few seconds a notification comes to me saying the garage gate has been closed or opened!

I use shortcuts with Tesla Remote and never had such an issue.

A Siri command has a really small time frame to be executed. In that small window we do login, connect and run scene command.
There is a possibly of false negative responses…if Siri doesn’t receive the command’s response in the available window.


Thank you for the feedback. That does explain the false negative failure reports when the scenes do run. However, it doesn’t explain why the scenes fail to execute at all, which is a much more frequent occurrence, and only seems to happen with shortcuts linked to Vera.


Based on the suggestions so far I guess I should just expect the functionality of Siri shortcuts with Vera to be hit or miss, mostly miss…

Is this issue going to be fixed?

I used to have a similar issue, even though I kept the instructions as short as possible, Siri let’s say around 50% of the time failed to execute the command. However, it got much better I updated the app to the latest version.

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