SiteSensor - notification spam after Net outage

@rigpapa I had a weird issue today, my net when down (router crash) at about 4am. After I woke up and power cycled my router, I got spammed to death by one of my 2 SiteSensors … and I have no idea why. The other Sensor talks to the same service (WU) and there are no alerts for it.

Any idea’s why this is happening?

Looks like there’s a user-created tripped notification on that sensor, and Luup was perhaps retrying?

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That’s what I thought too but there isn’t one that I can find.

Did you check the “Notifications” tab of that sensor, and any child devices it may have created?

Yep, there is nothing in the notifications tab (1st place I looked).

This particular site sensor doesnt have any child devices that im aware of, it’s just harvesting weather info from WU. It’s identical to my other site Sensor aside from pulling different data from WU (the other one grabs current conditions).

EDIT: the only diffference is this one is armed by reactor during certain time ranges - there are no notifications on that Reactor logic either and the alerts dont match the Reactor name.

Vera sends notifications for armed sensors when they are tripped.

True but the other SiteSensor (which runs 24x7) didnt generate any alerts - it’s very odd.

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