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I searched but didn’t find anything. I picked up 2 smart Life outlets, the app is pretty good actually, and I was able to get Google Home and Alexa to work with them. Since they are not named in any of the Device list, how do you go about incorporating them into my new Verasecure.

Just a wonder, is the reason for the 4 questions in the recatcha just to keep us from bothering to ask questions or are the botts getting that smart?

I was wondering the same thing. Having added a few “wi-fi smart switches” and plugs to my home, I’ve been curious whether they can interact directly with Vera. Or am I stuck managing them solely through the Smart Life app, or rigging up a workflow over in IFTTT?

Any guidance on this topic is extremely welcome. THANKS!

You would need a kind of bridge with an API and a vera plugin to make this work. So just a wifi plug will not connect directly to vera. A lot of these wifi power plugs use a cloud service, which also offers connectivity to Google home, Amazon Alexa, ITTT and a App out of the box.
Think of Vera adding this kind of solution to their cloud solution, you can imagine it becomes much easier to actually integrate a Wifi switch directly in the Vera environment. Who knows Vera will offer their own Wifi switches in the future?.. (much cheaper than a zwave switch and also reporting status almost instantaneously)

Homeseer has a Tuya Plug In which bridges these devices.

We have been testing these and are about to bring them onto the local market as Vera has given an indication that they may support this cloud. Irrespective, WiFi has a lot of advantages and cannot be ignored.

im interesting too Tuya plug in…

I have 3 Tuya 3 gang wall switch, its cheapest wall switch and works fine. ~20?
2 or 1 gang wall switch I use Qam zwave, little slow response but sheap choice. but there only one zwave switch 3gang
, Cooltouch, its expensive over 100? :-X

I don’t have any such WiFi devices however if they support IFTTT you could create a virtual switch device in Vera and use PLEG or Reactor to detect the virtual switches state for on / off and fire off a web hooks request to IFTTT to control the WiFi plug.

Just a thought.

It will be a lot easier to make all of this a possibility for both Smart Life and any other 3rd party products when they can get Vera to properly work with IFTTT and outside of a limited beta. Sure, a plugin would be great to bridge the two worlds together, but IFTTT opens up so much more. All we can do is just sit and wait. It’s unfortunate that it is taking so long to build in IFTTT when new products are launching every day that start off with IFTTT right out of the box. It seems the rest of the world has a head start and Vera is

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: tubemate

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