Sneak Peek: Multiple local connections to a single Ezlo FW!

Click HERE to see the sneak peak video in our Youtube channel


We are preparing for release new functionality - multi connection by apps in local mode to Atom.
Atom will handle connections with many clients and different phones in local mode at the same time.

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Does this also work with Ezlo Plus and connections to Vera controllers with existing Vera firmware ?

Not only does Atom work locally, but it has the capability to allow Multiple local connections to itself simultaneously! Great work guys, keep it coming!

This shows how seriously we take our vision that everything that can work locally, must work locally, even multiple connections to an atom at the same time! It also shows how great our development teams are! Kudos to you guys!


The two way comms feedback status is very fast !


we tested upto 5 concurrent connections and its literally instant! Our development team take “performance” of our code very seriously!


is the future goal to have multiple of these distributed smaller controllers (i.e. per room) and then one larger centralized controller for management of rules? trying to see what the long term vision is. I like the distributed nature of things, but other things such as rules need to be centrally managed or at a minimum inherited across devices.

We are trying to remove the dependency on “controllers”…
Just like RAID for storage for example…
You can have many controllers connected operating as “one”…
We have achieved that already using our MESHENE platform. And we did this without requiring a “Master and Slave” architecture…All distributed…

So our vision is to decouple hardware from platform…
you should be able to “hot swap” any controller…
you should be able to use as many controllers as you want and they should all work as one (if you so wish)
and so on…


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