So, did Vera stop selling controllers directly?

When looking at the new web site I see more and more things disappearing. First the shopping to out of the US vanished (why?) and now under a controller you just see find a dealer (but it still has free shipping??), but no shopping at Vera. When I click that button, no dealers are found of course as I am not in the US.

An other thing I noticed that all Vera3 and VeraLite support articles seem gone. I know they are no longer getting updates, but it now took me a long time digging on the forum to find how to reset it. So please keep that information a round as the user base has not gone over night.

Cheers Rene

Hello Rene, they didn’t actually disappear, just not showing for the regions where we don’t have official resellers.

Some things have changed, some things will continue to change in an effort to provide the best experience for everyone.

The “Find a dealer” function needs to be improved, it should show you the closed dealer even if it’s not in your vicinity.

Starting from your comment I have raised a discussion from which I hope some positive changes will come. Thank you for your feedback

On the old site, when someone NON US, was making an order, that order was still processed by your closest dealer, not us. We are still clarifying the process with our dealers.

In regards of the documentation for the legacy controllers. We’re still debating how to have it ported or if we should have it ported to the new format, as it requires overhaul.

Most of it it’s here.