[SOLVED] Cant assign notifications to basic users on new Vera device


Hi all!!

I have an open ticket with Vera support but while I wait I thought I would ask this great community maybe someone knows the solution to my issue.

So I got a new VeraEdge so that I would have something to test new things on since VeraLite is EOL.
Now that I have my new VeraEdge up and running I wanted to configure some notifications, here is where I noticed a problem.

So in my main unit the VeraPlus I have 3 users, the admin User1 and 2 basic users User2 and User3 for witch I can assign notifications for all type of devices:


In the VeraEdge I should have the same users since I have it set up like this right?

But in the VeraEdge it looks like this:


This situations means that I cannot configure User - Profile Association in VeraAlerts.
I can assign the users to be notified if I create a scene but I don’t want scenes for all my notifications.

If anyone has any idea why the 2 basic (I even tried configuring them as admins but it did not help) users are not available everywhere in my VeraEdge please lend a hand.

Thanks, Tomas


SOLVED: Added another new dummy user when logged in to the VeraEdge and now all users show up like they are supposed to.

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