Sonos App on2 Vera Controllers

Simple questions to someone in the know:

I have a VeraSecure and VeraPlus.
1.) Can I run the Sonos App on both Vera Controllers for the same Sonos speaker?
2.) If no for #1 above, can I control Sonos on the VeraPlus from the VeraSecure after I delete the App from SonosSecure? I tried bridging the two Vera’s, not good news.
I have big memory problems with all my stuff on one controller. I have 13 Apps, 211 scenes, 192 devices and several Lua files that load with Lua restart. If I make 5 or 6 changes to Lua or Scenes that cause Lua reload, the system can lockup and require WiFi reboot.


Yes you can control the same Sonos speaker.
I have a VeraSecure,VeraPlus and a Vera 3 with Sonos Plugin install on each one on the same Lan.

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