Sort Devices by device number in "all" or a room

Hi, is is possible so sort my devices by device number or maybe alphabet or other in the normal view per room or the all group in ALTUI?

I have only looked at AltUI for a couple of hours but I recall you can sort and filter as you describe.

Filter yes. But how to sort? And what does your screenprint show?

it sorts by alphabet order on the device’s name.
there is no way to sort by ID in that view , this would not be a normal user need. but there is a screen to see devices and sort by ID, it is under More / Table Device

Not a normal user need?

I want to see per room what devices a “tight” together. It is hard to find in the zwave parent child view and hard to find in the table (click back and forward).

So I would really like that option there. Is that possible?

I still believe a ‘normal’ user would not be concerned by IDs but I understand your use case.
I have put a version in which enables a sort option between names and ids on the devices page. let me know

On github, does this mean it will be updateable on my vera?

Yes you download files from github and upload the JS files that changed ( only them , github tells you which). Or you wait for the next release.

I can wait