Sound Switch Command Class

Considering buying an Aeotec Doorbell 6. This doesnt detect motion (which I would want ideally), but it does include a Zwave enabled sound alarm/ringer/buzzer. Speaking with the Aeotec support, this apparently is not currently supported by MiOS or the Vera Plus controller as it doesnt implement the Sound Switch Command Class. Any idea if this will be ever implemented? Would be great to utilize the Zwave doorbell to trigger alerts, and re-use the sound alarm/ringer/buzzer if motion is detected when in Away or Vacation mode.

Starting with 7.30 works to include as “generic zwave device”. And you will have one child device for each song.

Good thing one can hide unwanted devices! If there are a few different songs this can be tedious. Although, sounds like quite a bit of manual effort would still be required to make any good use of this within Vera.

I have the series 5 doorbell. Atrocious wireless buttons but the speaker would play ~30s mp3s.

I am sad the series 6 doesnt keep that functionality. I use it to announce the washer being done, storm/tornado watches & warnings, flood/water sensor events by location and probably a few other things I forget.

I wish I had bought a spare.


How does the Doorbell 5 work with Vera? I asked Aeotec Support about Doorbell 6 and received the following response:

“For Doorbell 6, it requires the support of Sound Switch Command Class which Vera has not integrated yet into their system. Vera team will need to further integrate this Z-Wave command class for Doorbell 6 to work properly.”

What functionality is provided for the Doorbell in 7.30? More specifically, what device type (ie, xml file and json) do the buttons come up as and the actual doorbell/siren come up as? Would it be possible to trigger the siren with another device such as a motion sensor (in addition to the doorbell button presses being registered as a trigger)?

Doorbell 5 wasnt directly supported (no gui) but it used parameters to trigger sound files rather than a command clas. It was pretty easy to set up scenes that would trigger audio. If I wanted to play multiple sounds in a row (buzz twice, play a message twice) I did have to add a wait period to make sure each audio completed before the next played.

I am not sure if you can use luup to get around a missing command class, but I suspect not.

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