Spare Vera unit



I have now 1 Vera Edge unit running all the home automation. I would like to have spare Vera unit for case when this one fails or i.e. firmware upgrade destroyes it, so I can swap them. If i purchase second unit, restore the backup of main unit on it, what will happen to z-wave device? Wouldn’t be a problem that in one time there will be two same Vera units with same associated devices? If I will swap those two units in case of failure, how all the associated z-wave device will reinclude to new controller? And last question if I would like to periodically restore backups of main unit to the spare one, do I need to do always factory reset of the spare unit before I restore the unit?


With zwave, you can completely clone a controller from one vera to another. I have done this multiple times from vera to vera and to usb sticks. Just run a backup and a restore with the zwave checked.


How can I transfer backup from one unit to second? When I login to new unit with my Vera account would I see cloud backups of old unit as well in a new unit?


No. You have to make local backups. When you go under the backup page and click on backup, your computer should download the file.


I understand, that’s what I am doing as a sideway of cloud backups, so I don’t need to log into new Vera with my Vera account, I just plug it in network, open it in browser and upload local backups via Backup/Restore screen of Vera UI?


You can register it on the mios site with your account and then restore if needed. I do not use mine with mios but I am likely an exception.