Start dryer using vera when not home

I wasn’t sure where to start with this…

I have a dryer that I now want to start after the sun is up (take advantage of new solar installation)… but it has an electronic start button (non mechanical touch button) so I can’t just put an old school electronic timer on the PowerPoint after turning the manual switch on.

So I need a device that I can wire in parallel with the button to the circuit board…

What zwave device could deliver a bell press type signal to turn my dryer on?

Fibaro or Qubino single/double relay.
I have those for gates/ garagedoors/heating system etc… Works fine. You can programm them that they give a short impuls and automatically switch off after being switched on.


You really need to take a good look at that “electronic start button” because it might be a bit more complex than you think … and you might not be able to simply start it by “shorting” 2 contacts !
Did you test it yourself on the circuit board to connect board wires from that electronic start button and did the appliance start working then ?


Much appreciated! I was unaware you could do that with them.


That is my next step. I just wanted to make sure that I could use a device to create the trip first.

I’ll be cracking the unit open in the coming week or so to have a look…

Most likely when the wife isn’t around to see me do it… :rofl:

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