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Is there any easy way to receive statistical data from Vera Plus to my PC. I have seen there are a few plugins, but I can’t see how I can export this data from my Vera Plus to tools like Excel, or Access or other tools to create useful statistics.

Is there anyone that has good experience with how to export data from Vera Plus? Does it exist any good step by step documentation for how to do this?

Mainly I’m interested in power, temperature and humidity data from sensors and thermostats. I suppose they ought to be available for me. :wink:

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I would imagine you can export Whisper data from Data Yours into just about anything. Not tried it though…


Yes, in fact DataYours Whisper files are comma separated ASCII, IIRC, or, at least, fixed-width.

EventWatcher can send data in a variety of formats.

Other choices are available.

Thank You. Sounds very interesting. I’m very familiar with such files. I just must learn how to read them and export them to my PC. DataYours and EventWatcher are both plugins, but I did not find out how to configure DataYours. Have you tried it? Where do I find the documentation for how to use them? I’m not familiar with Plugins so far.

I am running data yours. There is a comprehensive document in pdf format that should get you up and running, but feel free to ask!


DataYours: forum, documentation

EventWatcher: forum, documentation

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Just to add to this, here is the sort of data which you can get out of DataYours (…if you have the appropriate sensors.) This is plotted with Grafana

Edit: …and since you mentioned power, there’s this…

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Thank You akbooer for the lovely documentation. I will start to read immediately!

These graphs look very nice. I look forward to create similar graphs. :+1:

I have now started and was ready to investigating menu buttons on the dashboard page.
I entered and got
No Handler. Probably something I have missed?
I need to check that I have done everything right! :slight_smile:

So here, Vera may have moved on a bit since the documentation. Sorry about that. Depending on the firmware version you are using, you may need to use:
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Yes, that worked ! :slight_smile:

Some more change in Vera Plus?
Trouble creating file:
Error creating: Vera-50108820.007.urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1.Status
Status messsage = [string “module (“L_DataWhisper”, package.seeall)…”]:658: Cannot create file ‘%s’

Have you created the local data directory and configured its location properly in the DataYours variable LOCAL_DATA_DIR?

Also, can I ask what version you are running and how you installed it?

Here are all the Data Yours variables:

Version - 2016.01.04
StartTime - Sun Nov 17 23:27:01 2019
DisplayLine1 - Graph Cache Dash Watch
DisplayLine2 - [string “-------------------------------------------…”]:94: cannot open /nas/whisper/: No such file or directory
DAEMONS - Watch Cache Graph Dash
CONFIG_DIR - /www/
DATAMINE_DIR - /dataMine/
LOCAL_DATA_DIR - /nas/whisper/
ICON_PATH - /cmh/skins/default/img/devices/device_states/
AppMemoryUsed - 493

DataYours was install on Vera Plus on My PC in Firefox and the Vera Link:

Vera - Apps - Install Apps and then select DataYours. Installation of the DataYTours plugin run OK.
Since then I followed the documentation. However, it said nothing about install the directory. I thought the app did so. I don’t know how to create a directory in Vera Plus. I suppose it is running LINUX, but I don’t know how to access and create the directory. Do I need to do that?

Also watch DisplayLine2: It looks like it is missing a file?

I think Akbooer is asking if you’ve actually created the /dataMine/ folder on your Vera?


Yes, @Catman is correct. This value of LOCAL_DATA_DIR is an example from the documentation (again, probably my fault.)

Where do you want to store your data? Do you have a USB or NAS mounted with space for it? You can use local storage on Vera, but that is rather limited. One of the advantages of the Whisper database structure is that it is fixed size, and doesn’t grow as time goes by, so it is possible to have some variables stored locally.

You need to have created the physical directory, and then you need to be sure that the DataYours variable actually points to that directory.


No @Catman and @akbooer , I have not created any directories on Vera plus, USB or NAS. In fact, I’m not quite sure how to access the Vera to create a directory.
Yes, it sounds smart to use a USB or NAS. USB is easy, but I have a 1TB NAS device that I normally use on my PC. Is it possible to connect this both to a PC and to Vera. I have not thought about that. Since it probably is a Linux system on the Vera, I probably must mount it as a directory to the root or a directory. I do not work with Linux/Unix so I’m not sure how I practical do that on Vera. I must admit I have to learn a little more here on how to mount and to create the directory on USB or NAS. But the concept sounds very good for me. :wink:

If it was me, and assuming it’s possible on your NAS
Create another share on the NAS called data_your or similar
Set whatever access settings are your desire
SSH into the Vera
cd /
mkdir data_yours

then something like:

mount -t smbfs -o -d=777 //user:password@NASIPADDRESS/$sharename /data_yours

The syntax / options will probably be a bit different as it’s the Vera OS but I expect someone with more experience will be able to help define it better


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Thank you @Catman. I will try to do that. I think it is smart to use the NAS drive if possible. Yes, why not. You gave me a challenge there, learning how to do that. :smiley:
This it is a part of a new world for me.

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