Steinel Z-Wave Lights


anyone has any experience if Steinel lights will work with Vera Controller?

No but their Z-Wave outdoor PIR security lights look good, but pricey.

Any updates on this topic?

I am looking to purchase some Steinel Z-wave lights and wanted to know if they will work with the Vera Controller without using the Smart Friends Controller. Always to avoid an array of controllers where possible!

see also

hello, anyone got these working?

Hello, I recently bought this device and connected it to my VeraPlus. It was listed as a Generic Device. The motion sensor works and I was able to set some params. So far I haven’t been able to readout the LightSensor. I contacted Steinel, but they said they don’t support Vera.

Its probably the other way round, that Vera don’t fully support this Steinel device.

Someone else was asking about this device recently see this thread. In the end he sent it back and got an Everspring unit.

Hi, many thanks. Makes me a bit worried. I will take some time to go through the thread. If it won’t work, I have to find a work-around or accept that I only get movements reported.

Also it flooded my zwave network and caused devices to stop responding, this was on 2 different lights I thought the first one was faulty

Hi, I have found a workaround. After inclusion, 1 parent device was created (GenericIO1) and three child devices: GenericIO1, GenericSensor and BinaryLight. Only the parent device did what it should do: report a movement. But since I read quite some “flooding the network” troubles on this forum, I decided to put the device in slave mode (param 9 = 1). By doing that, the relay in the IS140 is no longer internally controlled. The light level is stored in the variable “CurrentLevel”. Now you can do two things: either you include some LUA script in your scene in order to readout the Light Level, or you make use of the APP “Virtual Sensor” (great app by the way). Hope it helps you.

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