Stelpro SMT402 Maestro - humidity, display

Good day everyone. I am new to Vera (coming in from Wink). So far so good with the integration of all of my Lutron devices, and almost smooth sailing with my Stelpro SMT402 Zigbee Thermostats except for one small issue.

Fore some reason, one of the thermostats (Living Room) has an On/Off switch. None of the other thermostats have this. It looks a little buggy actually because it obstructs other information (as seen in the photo)

The other minor issue is that the humidity sensors on the Stelpro thermostats are being displays as Light Sensors. When I go into the advanced setting within the device, the labels all say Humidity Sensor. Looking for some way to change the Type so it displays in the right place on the View by Type category on the UI.


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