Steps to publish a plugin

Is there any guide on how to publish a plugin? I have a couple and I can’t find any guidance on how to do it. Thanks.

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I’ve put together a framework for creating basic plugins, but I never really published it and only pointed a couple of people to look at, so it’s been kind of stealth project of mine. I only recently put it on Github. I decided to build the Submasters plugin using the framework as an example and proof of concept.

Documentation is a big part of that project, as you can imagine. But I stalled that project when the eZLO announcement was made, not knowing if everything was going to change suddenly or what would happen. Now the roadmap seems more clear, and there is still time and value in finishing (even though it’s understood that big changes are likely coming nonetheless).

Would you be interested in collaborating to put the publishing section together? I could take an initial pass at writing it up, and you can edit/test and embellish?

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sure, I could help. I already took a look at the code, since you posted some days ago as a suggestion to a user.

Anyway, I was referring to the steps necessary to publish it in the official store. I have more time in August, and I plan to re-write the OpenSprinkler plugin from scratch, plus publish my plugins for HTTP dimmers/lights/rgb ligths. I can’t find anywhere the procedure to access the plug-in store as a developer.

OK. I have a hastily-assembled first cut from my notes, here:

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It is basically here, but it is really unnecessary overcomplicated. However publishing on an AltStore is relatively easy

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See this wiki article.'s_Guide

Cheers Rene

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The pre-requisite of creating an account could be satisfied with this (courtesy of support):

In order to publish plugins, we kindly invite you to create an account on
With that account, you will be able to connect to and publish your plugins.