Submasters - Dimmers to control dimmers

In the stage lighting world, a “submaster” is a fader (dimmer) that controls the level of several lights.

Submasters is a plugin inspired by stage lighting control, with input and encouragement from @HSD99, to control multiple dimmers from a single dimmer. Like their stage counterparts, Vera submasters can have individual maximum levels set for each controlled device, and the level assigned at any given time is proportional the controlling fader’s level. For example, if you have two lights controlled by a fader, and one light is assigned a maximum of 80%, and the other 60%, then when the fader is at 100%, the controlled lights will be at 80% and 60%, respectively. But when the fader is reduced to 25%, the controlled lights will be at 20% and 15%–each at 25% of its programmed maximum.

This plugin is currently offered as a developer preview/early release, and can only be installed from its Github repository, here:

Installation instructions are in the file. Comments, questions, etc. are welcome in this topic.

Hint: Switchboard Virtual Dimmers make great faders (but are not required).

For you stage lighting aficionados, the plugin currently operates only in LTP mode. HTP mode is coded and working, there’s just no way to switch to it. My sensei and I are still working out the specifics of where and how HTP should apply; your input is welcome, too.


:sob::sob::sob: this is what i needed hope it gets pushed to the store soon

Extraordinary. Well done, sir


Great job. I think it could be used with roller shutters as well. I will test it upon my return next week and provide some feedback.

If anyone already grabbed the version on Github, I forgot to change some URLs for images, so the fader control doesn’t show correctly. Please update your J_Submasters1.js and L_Submasters1.lua to the currently posted versions.

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Yes, it should work fine–Vera runs them as dimmers, so the plugin sees no distinction. It’s a bit odd, considering there is a UPnP service for motorized devices like shades, but it is what it is.

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Thanks for the quick fix! The faders look great.

I’ve got a couple of Leviton single zone controllers that have lighted level controls ( VRCZ1-1L ). They are supposed to function as non wired remotes. They are not supported by Vera (at least I can’t get them to work). Would this plugin work with those?

No, if Vera doesn’t recognize it as a dimmer, this plugin won’t either.

This is awesome Patrick! I have used a similar solution via imperihome, which is a composite dimmer/on/off, However since it lacks the ability to set maximum, minimum as you described, it’s not ‘super’ useful. Since different lumen bulbs would not balance if done blindly at 50% for example. Looking forward to this plugin in the store - if nothing else, to quicken time to develop scenes and conditions! Thanks in advance!!

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awesome tested today and it work great