Suggestions for an Xfinity XHK1 keypad on VeraPlus, anyone?

I have an Xfinity keypad model MUG-XHK1-UE-A keypad. According to the following:

this is a ZigBee keypad that works on the Samsung Smartthings controller. Rumor has it that it’s a rebranded Centralite.

I have a VeraPlus, NOT a VeraSecure. The only supported full-button keypad for this is the $50 Centralite one and the only place possible to buy it is Vera’s store (so naturally it is full price)

The Xfinity keypad uses 4 AA Lithium batteries instead of the button cell the Centralite uses so it should last far longer between battery changes. I have tried to pair it with the VeraPlus but it is not recognized as a generic ZigBee device or a Centralite keypad.

Given that someone wrote a ZigBee driver for the Smartthings, would it be possible to port this or otherwise get the Xfinity keypad usable on the VeraPlus?

I’m in the same boat. I have an XHK1 keypad that I would very much to get working with Vera. Is this possible?

Just a follow-up on this - apparently at some time in the past Xfinity switched to using the Centralite keypad on their security subscription service and now Ebay is flooded with used model 3400 keypads that are listed as supported on Vera. (We will see)

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