Swimming pool water temperature monitoring - Sensative Drip

For quiet long time I’m looking for basic Z-wave pool temperature sensor. I’m using Sensative strips as door/window sensor, but I realised that they have also Sensative Drip as a product for water leakage/temperature monitoring:

Before I order it, I would like to ask you for your opinion and potential issues you forcee.

I have reviewed manual and leakage sensor can be disabled in PARAMs.

I’m using the Fibaro FGK 102, works great in combination with a temp probe ds18b20.
Fibaro doesn’t produce the FGK’s anymore but probably you can still buy one On Ebay.

Of not, USD the Fibaro universal binary switch.
Good luck!

I think that by constantly making it positive with water, you’ll drain its battery very fast.

I opted for a cheap Sonoff flashed with Tasmota, plus a DS18B20. it’s rock solid since last year, and survived freeze, snow and low temperature during the winter. it’s outside, near the pump, exposed to the elements (inside an outdoor box). The Fibaro route will be OK as well. I just wanted to throw at max 15 Euros at this and sonoff is the cheapest route.

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Hmm… my thought was that it’s possible to disable reading through PARAM, so it’ll not meassure water presence, temperature reading is 1 minute by default. But probably need to test it -> try and fail.

Just to provide more details about my project - I meassure temperature with Qubino binary switch and attached sensor behind pump (very same solution like with Fibaro). As pump is initiated by timer, thermal pump or PH/Salinity meassure - sometimes is stall for couple of hours - that’s why I have floating thermometer - 433Mhz in the pool itself - when pool si covered by solar cover, during summer days, it can warm quickly so if temperature cross some temperuture of water.

I would like to automatically roll out cover and engage thermal pump for cooling eg.

It’s not that difficult if you use the great Reactor plugin!

Got it. My pool is small so difference in temperature is very low. Why don’t you just put another sensor? Sensitive strips are pricey and when the battery is dead you’ll have to throw them away.

I also recommend to avoid auto closing the cover, to stay on the safe side and prevent accidents.

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