Switch with Scene Controller Revisited

This topic was raised several years ago but I didn’t find any recent activity that seemed relevant. I know new devices are on the market and Vera has assed support for many existing devices not supported at the time of the older posts.

Does anyone know of a hardwired zwave switch that controls a local load and also at the same time sends scene control signals to Vera? I know they exist but the devices I’ve tried work only as a switch and Vera did not recognize the scene control capabilities.

With Fibaro fgs213 and 223 this is possible

fgdXXX too

Thanks for the suggestions. I have some of the Fibaro, although not in the locations where I want to add scene control. I’ll experiment with it and see how I like it.

I was hoping that a physical zwave switch might have this capability. I like the momentary action toggle switch (like Jasco 46204). One down click for local load off, two down clicks for all off in the room. I see how it could be done with the Fibaro, but the scene would be off-on-off rather than off-off. I see zwave has made me lazy, but then isn’t that the beauty of it?!

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