Switchboard tri-state switch general question

I want to have a switch or pair of switches that turns all lights on or off. I created a scene to turn on, and a scene to turn off. I used a binary switch as a device to trigger the scenes, but I believe the binary needs to be two momentary switches or a tri-state (someone can turn on a light; or the switch can be stuck in the on or off position, which blocks that function). I thought tri-state would revert to the ‘void’ state at some time, but I do not see this behavior.
Therefore, what is a tri-state switch and how do you use it?

I know you didn’t specifically ask for docs, but here’s a good jumping off point – https://github.com/toggledbits/Switchboard-Vera

And the only earlier thread I know of concerning Tri-State Switches – New Plugin: Switchboard -- Virtual Switches Re-imagined

I found the timer control. It is on the Switchboard device page.
What I cannot find is how to set the default value to ‘void’. This thread says to set the “TimerResetState” variable to 2, but I don’t see that variable anywhere.

I hereby summon @rigpapa to offer you some clarity… (and perhaps refile this thread?)

It’s a rarely used feature, and a relatively new addition, so you have to create the variable yourself for the moment.

  1. Go to the Switchboard tri-state switch device’s control panel (not the Switchboard control panel), then Advanced > New service
  2. Copy/paste into “New Service”: urn:toggledbits-com:serviceId:Switchboard1
  3. Copy/paste into “New Variable”: “TimerResetState”
  4. Set “New value” to 2.
  5. Hit “Add”

You should not need a reload.

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That works! I suspected this was required, but am not familiar yet with these types of mods.

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