System alert notification

Hi Richard,

Vear has added these alert notifications through the latest UI7. I wonder if we could achieve the same thing with VeraAlerts. All those notifications are very useful but Vera imposed a 2 SMS limit to a profile which is very low value.

  1. Security Alert (such as door/window sensor, motion sensor, door lock, etc.)

  2. Low Battery Alert (a device’s battery will need replacement soon)

  3. System Access Alert (a user has logged in to the Vera Dashboard)

  4. Controller Offline Alert (your Vera lost its Internet connection)

  5. Device Error Alert (a device in your Vera is not working properly)

  6. System Error Alert (a problem with the functioning of your Vera)

  7. Network Error Alert (a problem with wireless communications in your Vera)

  8. Tamper Alarm Alert (a security sensor has been opened or moved)

I will have to look into the details.

Thanks Richard. It is in the “Notification Settings” under “Users & Account Info”.

Any updates on this issue?

Longtime VeraAlerts user. I want the system alerts as a push from VeraMobile, but I do not want my user alerts via VeraMobile.

Right now my user notifications/alerts are sent by BOTH VeraAlerts and VeraMobile and that is getting annoying.

I can see no way to have VeraAlerts handle my (very important) user created Notifications while allowing VeraMobile to to handle system notifications.

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