Takes a long time lights goes off with openluup and reactor

I run openluup on a Rasp 4. My Vera is wired connected to my network. I don’t have more connectors on my modem so my raps 4 is connected to my network by wifi.

I’ve moved some reactor sensors (from Reactor plug-in by rigpapa) to openluup. One of them is to turn off all lights with one main switch. It works fine but I have a problem. If I turn off the main switch it takes a long time when all lights goes off. When I use the same reactor sensor on Vera it will switch of all lights immediately.

Maybe the delay is the signal; first on/off signal goes to Vera, then to openluup, then again to vera and last signal is given all lights goes off. Is there a solution that the lights goes on / off more quickly when I use openluup? Maybe a wired connection of rasp 4 instead of wifi?

I doubt that the issue is a WiFi problem. To be sure, there is extra delay for Reactor because of the extra hop from Vera to openLuup, and this is not instantaneous. You don’t quantify what a “long time” actually means?

There are several openLuup-related things you might do to improve the situation.

  • make sure you are using the latest development branch version
  • set the VeraBridge variable AsyncPoll to true
  • change the polling rate (let’s not do that just yet)

Perhaps @rigpapa will be by with some Reactor advice.

On-system response time in Reactor is pretty much instantaneous in openLuup, like like Vera, so I have to imagine at first blush this is mostly lag from the bridge. More plumbing, more delay.

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Thank you for your quick response. I set VeraBridge AsyncPoll on true and it works. Now I have quick response from OpenLuup to my Vera. Thanks a lot!


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