TapaTalk activated for MiCasaVerde forum

We’re glad to anounce the activation of TapaTalk service on our forum. This being the first post published directly from my mobile phone!

Can you please explain how to import in tapatalk. Tapatalk does know or accept the url of this forum.

It worked with the old forum but not this new one.

Oh haha, this was an imported topic… 8 years later… it was good before. MCV can you please enable?

TapaTalk does not have compatibility with this forum platform. The reasoning behind this is that the forum is already optimised for mobile browsers without needing to install and configure anything extra. But if you’re into apps, you can install this platform’s native app called Discourse Hub.

Thank you Sorin, wil do… but a 10K downloads and avera 2.7 is not very promising.

Edit: I now see why… adding the community.getvera.com is followed by a connect button. Pressing that opens a browser to community.getvera.com with a red “authorize” button. Pressing that… brings you back to the connect button.

Not working.

Indeed this is the procedure.

  1. use the + icon and add https://community.getvera.com
  2. authorise
  3. connect

Oddly enough I had the same issue as you the first time. I closed the app, repeated the process and the connect button disappeared and I was fully authd and getting notifications and be able to use the app.

Try this again, and let me know how this works.

Sorin, did exactly that but it loops