Tech support - Can't resolve problem

So at the weekend our Vera suddenly decided that it can’t control our hue lights. The hue system with Vera has been rock solid for years but now its no go. Hue is working fine as it can be controlled by the other interfaces we can use (phone, Alexa) and Vera shows its connected to the hub.

Having contacted tech support they tell me they can see that the app (built in one) appears to have an issue, they can see the issue but don’t know a fix. A reinstall has not resolved the problem, their best offering now is to install the Hue Alt app and “see if that works”. I assume if it won’t then I’m on my own, feels like a lack of being bothered to be honest.

It looks like either way I’m facing a reprogramming of various things, so it feels like this might be the time to try either Fibaro or Homey. I’ve used Vera for many years but this might be the point we leave and try something new. For us zwave, zigbee, Somfy integration is key so as long as the basics are covered we might face a brave new world.

After all these years I’m dissapointed that support don’t really seem that interested in resolving the issues.

Try althue plugin maybe as an alternate way of controlling hue. Cf dedicated forum thread for it.

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I would if I could install it, the app store has been unresponsive for the last few days. Looks like my vera has decided after 2 years of being solid to start playing up.

I’m now cautious about where I spend my time potentially having to reprogramme everything as there are a huge amount of scenes and devices to transfer over.

I have heard others also are having App Store issues. You may want to try logging into the servers and then try to install an app.

Same for the app store. I gave up on checking it.

Yesterday the team told me they would flash the firmware on my unit, at that point I’d need to install the hueapp and try it (as a flash of the firmware would drop the tech support link).

14 hours later i’ve called and asked where the firmware flash is, I’m told its been done, however the odd thing is the unit is in exactly the condition I left it in yesterday. So that means either the remote support did not drop after a full firmware flash or the unit can be accessed whilst its not in customer support mode (which I hope is not the case).

I’ve been told the team are looking to upload a new firmware to see if that fixes the issue. I’m puzzled as to why when the system has been solid for 2 years that a simple firmware flash and re-install won’t take everything back to where it was (hence I dont believe the firmware flash has been done).

The logic seems to be we need to try new things to get it to work, when I’d assume you just need to put it back to how it was and correct whatever files have become corrupted. Also the Althue app does work so it shows its a file issue especially as it worked before.

Talking to these guys on the phone is an experience in frustration more than anything.

I like the vera unit and have used one for years since Gen 2 and UI2 but this is not a great experience.