Telegram Plug-in to send text, images and video notifications

Telegram will deliver a silent notification, but you’ll find it in your list anyway. I’ve tried this moment ago and it’s working as expected.

I’m sorry. I’ve tried whith the sample:

     Text="Hello from Vera (Silent)",
     DisableNotification = true
  }, 140)

with my deviceID=140 and Telegram sound for all group members.
Now I use silent mode in the app.

Thanks for the plug-in and I am struggling trying to get it to work, no doubt I am doing something wrong.

I installed the plug in on Vera set up an account on telegram and set up a bot father, have no idea how they would communicate I think that is what I am missing. I set up a bot used the token and ID as noted but nothing. I am definitely missing something. Do you have a guide for dummies? I.e step by step easy and more easy?

Go here, create the bot, get the token and your ID (

  • Get your token and be sure the edit the BotToken variable for your device (under advanced, variables).

Then use in code and/or in Reactor, as suggested on GitHub. There’s nothing more to add, really.

OK, I have the following completed;

  1. Plug-in installed with the token from the telegram/botfather and have identified the by correct ChatID by using the number/getUpdates
  2. used the following code to send the message
    Text=“Hello from Vera”,
    ChatID = taken from the above
    }, device# on vera created by the plugin)
  3. nothing happened, should I add code at the bot level?

Not sure what set I am missing but I am missing something.

Any guidance is greatly apprecaited.

I believe the code I am missing in the code for the botfather would anyone have an example of what I need to use to send Alexa a notification?

Major breakthrough, I have tried it on my Vera Plus and it sends the message to Telegram but it will not announce on Alexa. It will not work on my vera 3 for some reason.

One step closer all I need is it to announce on Alexa. I think I am missing the botfather code.

How are you supposed to announce that on alexa? This plugin is intended to send a message to telegram and I’m struggling to add alexa to the mix.

Thanks I appreciate the plug-in and your time, do you currently have a way to have Alexa announce the notifications? If so can you point me in the right direction?

There is the VeraAlexa plugin also available on the mios app store.

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Thank you, appreciate it and have installed. Only thing is the cookies.txt file I use edge and chrome and it is a little harder to find it.

After setting up the device with BotToken and Default Chat ID - I don’t see the device while creating scene. I am sure I can use the code to trigger message. But is it possible to make it show up in device list while working with scenes, to make it easy for simple messages.

Yeah, I never finished that part. I’ll try to add it in next version.

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