Tell us which integrations you want us to make for the EZLO PLATFORM please


In your post, did you successfully ported the feed from a multi channel NVR? like 4/8/16 channel? also with motion? i have been looking for this type of setup so i will use vera mobile app to view and have local hard disk recording continuously.

also can vera edge handle this kind of load?

Im not an expert so the terms i use may not be correct and not confuse my question

I don’t currently have a Hikvision NVR, but you would have to turn on the virtual host feature so each of the IP cameras connected to the NVR are also individually accessible via your LAN IP subnet. I assume some other NVR makes have a similar feature.

I did have the two cameras running on my Vera Edge test box before I set it up on my Vera Plus production box. I wouldn’t put loads of cameras in Vera however.

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I didn’t see these in the list and have 25 being installed into a new house.

Eaton Halo RL56 Integrated LED downlight

These are Zigbee tunable white lights.

Not sure if this is a device integration, but the Controller plug-in by Gengen for Homeseer Dimmers and Switches is excellent. I am totally addicted to setting up double and triple tap actions, having direct association for multi-switch configurations. If you integrate the Homeseer Dimmer and Switches into Ezlo, something like the Controller plug-in is a must!

Just picked up a zooz ZEN16. I see a bunch of other zooz products in the list, but not this one.

I have to have EnOcean integration. I have 20+ occupancy sensors working with my VeraSecure and the existing UI5/UI7 EnOcean plug-in originally written by Mios/VeraControl. And I won’t give them up even if offered free replacement z-wave / zigbee / 2 Gig sensors - the combination of solar-powered, ceiling mounted, and direct non-mesh transmission just can’t be beat. Over the years I have even invested in a 315 MHz repeater and a 315 MHz to 902 MHz cross-band repeater so I could take advantage of the new longer-distance 902 MHz equipment while still utilizing my large number of 315 MHz devices.

I can help with a new EnOcean plug-in for the Elzo firmware, but I don’t really have the expertise to try to port the whole thing myself… So:

EnOcean USB300 Transceiver
Leviton LevNet WSC04-IRW
Leviton LevNet WSC15-IRW
Leviton LevNet WSC12-M9N
Leviton LevNet WSWDR-H9W
Leviton LevNet WSWDR-I0W

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves - ideally retrieving current temperature, but if possible, also setting the temp too.

Apple TV 4k control

OwnTracks integration
Bosch Indego
Danalock V3
Google calendar


  • Reactor (a must)
  • Powermax
  • Netatmo
  • Datamine


  • All Fibaro, especially Smart Implant & Dimmer 2
  • All Aeotec, especially nano dimmer


  • migration from Vera Plus with existing z-wave network, inclusion one-by-one is a deal breaker
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Seems yet again we need to rely on a talented lone 3rd party developer for a proper logic engine.

I’ve seen nothing from Ezlo themselves about a blocky drag and drop native logic engine.

Fibaro and Zipato have one inbuilt.

Before Reactor we had PLEG which I still use today, never had the need yet to switch over to Reactor.

But looking likely I will be using Reactor on the Ezlo platform assuming @rigpapa migrates it over.

If not what are Ezlo going to do? Them adding AND / OR / NOR functions to native Vera scenes ain’t gonna cut it.

They should just hire him and make Reactor the native logic engine.


Visonic Powermaster (Powermax) Alarm system

I couldn’t agree more! Funny thing, SmartThings hired the creator of WebCore, likely because they couldn’t beat it. Unless Ezlo has something magical to come, I’d like to see them do the same.

I don’t think I listed plugins before, so I’d like to see:
MyQ (official this time)
Honeywell WiFi Thermostat (official this time)
TP Link Kasa
Home Assistant - how about something official from Ezlo. Maybe something for those that are really looking above and beyond what a simple hub should be capable of.

You will have the most sophisticated rules engine possible!
web based…Will work both with Apps and web based.


Did they really, I didn’t know that.

Good news. When can we expect to see an initial release?

I haven’t personally used Reactor so can’t really comment how good it is, but everyone else seems to like it.

I stuck with PLEG because I know it. It’s not the easiest thing to use but it is powerful and works.

Goker is driving that initiative.

OK thanks for the heads up.

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I Love Reactor… used to have Pleg but reactor is more up to date…I can bet that Reactor is the best and rules engine in the world of all smart hubs!


I’ll add; Netatmo Prescense, Netatmo Welcome the future Netatmo video doorbell and if possible the Arlo camera system to the wishlist.

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