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I am interested in setting up my Vera Plus to receive an http request from my Android phone if I get a text message from my home security system

From what I have read so far I need Automate or the Tasker app but can someone point me in the right direction on how to set my Vera plus up to receive the request and act on it ie turn on some lights Thanks

You could setup a Vera scene and send in a http request to Vera to run that scene.

Or you could create a virtual switch or motion sensor device in Vera and send a http request to Vera, to turn on the switch or trip the sensor etc

Easy enough, I can post some examples tomorrow if no one else does.

Thank you, will check that out

Got it! Some good examples in that link, ill mess with some at the weekend cheers :grinning:

Ask @ElCid how he uses the Android Automate app to intercept text messages notifications to then fire a trigger.

Not something I’ve ever done.

I use Tasker myself, but not done anything like that for firing triggers on phone notifications.

I use Automate as i find it easier to program. It is free if using less than 30 blocks, but is so cheap it is worth th price.
Here is an example flow that sends a http request to update a variable (OTP for veraalexa plugin) https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/33863 .
This is simple if all local, there is more to it if you want to do it over the internet, as vera only receives local requests. I over come this by running an Android device locally, I can then send cloud messages betwen android devices and the local one forwards a local http request. There is a example of that on the Automate community

Thats great, thank you both

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