Thank you and catching up

As many of you know, I’ve been traveling the last three weeks, and my access to Internet and usable keyboards has been very limited. I want to thank all of you who chimed in to help answer questions while I was away. You da real MVPs. Please keep it up!

If any of you has an unanswered/incomplete question or issue, please bump your post (do not reply here–just add a reply to your prior thread) so it comes back up, and I’ll get to you as quickly as possible.


Welcome back! I’ll try to keep answering any low level questions so you can focus on the more technical stuff!


Ditto. Patrick, hope your trip was a success!


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Before (or during) your trip, you mentioned the word “cruise”. Was starting to get worried . . .
Glad you’re back

Not perfect, unfortunately. My youngest was diagnosed with Influenza A the day after we disembarked (Weds). My oldest was diagnosed Friday. I crashed Saturday night. My wife is in the terrorized space between fear and nurture at the moment.

Hope everyone recovers quickly!

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