The new VERA Dashboard preview (Android)!

We’re excited to present to you a new dashboard concept we’re working on.
We’re planning on including it as an optional feature for now, for you to get used to.
The updated dashboard brings a new look and features, including new types of ‘Favorites’ and customization options.
Your feedback on this would be very important and of great help to us.
The app will be made available starting Oct’21.


Any sneak previews of the new Vera GUI.

Looks cool. I joined the Google Groups and it is completely empty. Should there be something in it?

Not bad looking, though it would be nice to if the user would have the option to select a different background.

I agree. The option to add a photo would be great.

Looks great! And I agree a user photo option would be awesome.

We made the first release with two dashboard options: the old one and the new one.
For starters, we can access the dashboard settings by selecting the button on the top right having access to changing the name of the unit, changing the order of the cards from the dashboard and the picture on the dashboard background.
The build version is 7.32.252, if you are in the google group you will receive an update from Google Play.

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Hi, everyone.

Getting the flavour of the new Dashboard is now easier than ever.

1. Make sure you are part of the Vera-Dashboard Google Group.
2. Point your mobile web browser to this address to get or update the app.

What about iOS?

IOS is waiting for approval from Apple

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Why is apple so sloooooooow… gone over 48hours now…

I like the look of it. But how do you change what devices and scenes are displayed… and the number of them?

The app is crashing each time I click on Dashboard New.
Pixel 3a with Android 10 up to date.

Thank you for your feedback,

We’ve addressed this issue with the new version we’ve pushed today (7.32.258). Update and enjoy.

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We’re aiming for pushing an update as soon as next week which will add the ability to customize what devices, scenes and rooms you want on your dashboard.


Fine ! Thank you ! Waiting for the app update.

I have been on the Vera Mobile beta program for a while but no update to the new Vera Mobile app on Android? Any idea why?

same here - I am on the beta program - and the last update I’ve got is from October the 1st - version 7.32.246 - what do I need to do to get the new beta version with the new dash ?!

Me as well.

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