The new VERA Dashboard preview (iOS)!

Hello guys,

We are thinking and brainstorming about bringing you a new redesigned dashboard with customization capabilities and would love your feedback on the idea.

Here is a video with our proposal so far:


Does nothing for me TBH, but I barely use the app


Customizable, easy to use! very nice indeed!

Agree, if you can customize it, hands down a great move forward!


Looks very promising :slight_smile:

Looks a lot like iOS Home app, but I like it!
What happened to the previously announced UI?

That was nice and fresh too.

OK, but it does it show the controls for plugin devices that specify a UI for the dashboard (i.e. ControlGroup present)?

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The video doesn’t show much in regards to how our full devices and room pages will look like. Ideally all rooms should have their own screen so you can scroll through rooms quickly, ie. one page with all the rooms listed and to control the room you’d have to click into it. Also like @rigpapa said the app should support the controls for plugins. A dark mode would be great too the all white screen is a lot to see when using the current app at night. The app should support modern day integration with smartphones such as Siri shortcuts, widgets etc.

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How about just modernize and make it so we can have a dark, light, rearrange, pick the icons, etc. it has been a marked improvement with the last release now we need a modern fresh looking and feeling to both iOS and Android apps. A windows app would also be great.

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Ooooh yea! I got my Vera Plus 4 years Aho and the first thing that i noticed was the por iOS app.

On the new app i would like more devices to fit in one screen. Now you have to scroll 5kilometers to turn on a light🤣
Faster access to Devices.
Use long press on screen for functions.
I should choose what i want to be on the dashboard .
I want to be able to choose colors.
Apple HomeKit intergrated.
Sounds . Vibrations
Shake Phoebe for a specified scene to Run.
Want to be able to see status on users in or out of house.
User incoming function.

Qr code function

I can go on and on!!

/ Mattias Sweden

More end-user customization is definitely a step in the right direction - kudos for continued app investment, features and soliciting feedback. That said, I think you’ve captured the essence of customization however one thing to consider is the number of “quick access” elements (scenes and devices) will quickly exceed the available single-level screen space so you might consider “Groups” akin to iOS folders for the quick access elements. That would allow users to bubble the highest-importance elements to the 1st level (no taps) and group the next highest-level of importance to the 2nd level (1 tap). For example, maybe there is a single camera that the user wants at the first level when they open the app but also a “Camera Group” that allows them to see all the cameras with one tap. Or scene and device groups. I think this small extension increases the flexibility and, more importantly, the utility.

Keep up the good work!

This reminds me of a mix between the Classic SmartThings app and new SmartThings app. You quickly run out of screen room, so customization is key.
Selecting by room into a sub-menu would be helpful. If you can’t navigate to something quickly, then there will be no advantage.

is nice to be abble to costumize. also the vera dashboard should. keep waiting.

Looks promising indeed!
And as others stated here already…customization is absolutely the way to go.

Personally I would like the ability to create my own sections/groups on the dashboard where I can include different type of items (like scenes or devices) in that section/group.
It may also be a good idea to be able to expand/collapse these sections. That way users who dislikes scrolling can access more sections through tap instead.

Looking forward to the new UI!

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I agree, being able to customize will be key! Thank you!

what about limiting which devices different users have access to?

Looks good, if you need beta testers I’m volunteering :wink:

Configurable Home screen with scene availability has always been a hope. Cant wait to see it.

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Cool !!
Sûre I want more possibilities to customize the Dashboard like color and place the parameters where I want but the most important for me is to have the possibility to create button (latching and momentary) to trigger the scenes !!!

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I can be a betatester!
/ Mattias

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