The new VERA Dashboard preview (iOS)!

Yeah it’s will be very nice…:grinning:

Will the new dashboard IOS beta be launched today as the AndroidPhone os app Will be ( october 21)?
I have not got any confirmation yet to be tester.
/ Mattias

Look great to me!
Is it possible to make it work with IOS widgets for extra fast access to some devices and mode-change?


It would be very useful. I would rather not have to use Amazon Alexa to control everything I would prefer using a streamlined Vera App

Are we getting it? Should be ready for 21 Oct.

Hello guys,
The app is waiting for Apple approval as we speak.
The Dashboard iOS Beta will start soon.
@Matteburk @Jumeira


Will you change the icons of devices?

Hello guys,
The new Dashboard App is now in Beta!
Here is our latest demo video:

If you want to be part of our beta group, you can sign up here:

I have installed the app and now I have ghost devices showing in one of my rooms. These devices do not show in web ui or my Android app.

Could you please help me with more details? What type of devices? Could you share a screenshot?
It happened on an atom or vera controller?

I had to have these hidden by support a few weeks ago on my Edge. They just randomly showed and I was not able to hide or delete. Now back in the app. Only the generic, humidity sensor 1, and unknown devices.

I have the same ghost devices, but am pretty sure they were there in the previous version.

One thing I had hoped the new UI would bring is a more intuitive way to program a thermostat for the Heat and AC setpoints. Is that still possible? See my beta view and VeraMate view for comparison.

It seems to me that I had seen this in one of the first versions of the Vera app although that could have been on the web interface. ??

@ClovisJack @sky320
They look like virtual devices created by a plugin. Could you please help me with the list of plugins you have installed on your controller?
I will investigate on my side too, it may be a bug about hiding devices marked as invisible. Or maybe the plugin that created the virtual devices never marked them properly.

here they are

I submitted my  id, can you send me the invitation please.

I’ve seen this before and it was due to a parent sensor going awry. Look at a few of your ghost sensors to see which device is the parent device. Then go to the parent device and click “Configure Now” under advanced. That will cause the parent device to reconfigure and remove the ghost child devices.

One thing i noticed is that when you have pressed for example dim a device it a bit hard to hit X (1)when you are finished. Its so close to the device on of button.
I would like the on off button to be moved and also be able to close it just touching the are outside area (2and3).

First problem i have found.

Fibaro double switch 2 Does not Always report right status. In this case light is off in reality but in app says its on.
I kill the app but yet it says its on.
/ Mattias

That did it Thanks for the direction! Vera support just hide the devices and did not know this. They are now gone THANKS AGAIN.

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