The new VERA Dashboard preview (iOS)!

Seems to be rather crash prone on my phone. I can’t tell what’s causing it as it’s happening when the app is in the background.


Hi @adina.porea… Any new Dashboard TestFlight version comming up soon? :smiley:

Yes. I am preparing something special for next week :slight_smile:


Greit Adina!:smiley:
I really like the new dashboard embryo! So much easier to access devices now!
/ Mattias

I would like this to. I like for my friend to have access to all locks and alarms for when im traveling but really dont want them to have access to my interior cameras all the time.

Don’t you have the lockmanufacturs app that your friend can use?

Yes but i would like for him to still have access to lights and heat and a/c as we have animals at home he takes care of for us and in Las Vegas we get extreme heat in summer and it does freeze in winter. I like for hime to adjust this stuff via phone incase he cant make it by and there is an extreme swing in temps. And he likes running the lights for the cat and dog so they feel more like someone is around but not necessarily a repeating light program for randomness (for burglers as well). I really have no problem with him having control of everything as i do trust him but dont want to feel self conscious in my own home even though im sure he wouldnt spy. And dont want him to add the lock app, hue app, nest app and others when he can just have vera on his phone and do all but just minus cameras. Not sure why that would be hard to accomplish. And thanks for fast response man !! I appreciate it. Oh i forgot he would need access to my vera to disable the alarm any ways as i use verasecure so him just having the lock app would be just part of access he needs.

You´ve done a great job so far I think. I really like the new dashboard :slight_smile:

I have one thought though. Is it necessary having to choose a specific “Section type” when you add a new section? Personally I would like to mix both devices and scenes in the same section…which is not possible with the current set up.


Yes that would be great, to mix scenes and devices.

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Hello guys,

A new update is available on TestFlight and I am really excited about this one!

We added Siri Shortcuts support that will allow you to run scenes.

Here is a demo video:

Steps to configure shortcuts:

  • install the update and open the app
  • make sure you are connected to a controller
  • open Shortcuts app
  • create a shortcut or an automation with your scenes


  • The update can be installed on iOS12 or higher
  • The shortcuts work only with one controller at a time (for now)
  • If you can’t see your scenes in Shortcuts app, open and close Vera several times and make sure you are connected to a controller
  • The shortcuts are not yet available for Apple watch

Awesome! Thanks for the quick update for shortcuts! :slight_smile: Would we ever have the ability to control devices through shortcuts or is it limited at scenes?

Scenes for now. Devices will come

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perfect thanks! I sent in some feedback through testflight and havent had it fixed yet. One problem is when using split screen on an ipad the icon sizes shrink super small, and the other is the labeling for garage states is on/off not open/close.

Yes, we received your feedback. We are working on both of the issues as we speak.
Small updates addressing test flight feedback and stability issues will come this week.

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Made an Siri automation so when i snooze the wakeupalarm and then finally stop the wakeupalarm Siri runs scene change to home mode …
Nice Done Adina!
/ Mattias


This is awesome!!!
Works great. However not all my scenes are showing up on the shortcuts. I tried opening and closing it several times and it is connected to my one and only vera. Any thoughts? I have about 80 scenes.

Hmm…you may reached a limit. I need to investigate this.

Is anyone else seeing this current version crash pretty much daily?


What was the action you did before the crash?
Do you have iOS 13.1.3 installed on your phone?

Hi Adina. Not doing anything. The App is backgrounded, then, at some point, I get a notification that it’s crashed and would I like to share (which I do, with the info that the app was backgrounded)

Running 13.1.3

Let me know if you need anything else


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