The VeraSecure


It?s here! …the newest member of our Vera Control family: VeraSecure.

Good-bye Security Panel. Hello VeraSecure!

VeraSecure – its like a security panel in a box. Just add sensors, cameras and locks and VeraSecure does the rest.
At the first sign of trouble VeraSecure sounds its high-decibel alarm, and sends you a text. VeraSecure is reliable. Even if power and Internet go out, VeraSecure keeps working. VeraSecure provides superior home protection compared with those old-fashioned wall-mounted security panels.

The VeraSecure home automation gateway is offered with our Vera Central Monitoring Service (beta)-- a security service including back-up battery and cellular back-up.

VeraSecure pre-orders will start 1/17/17 for dealers and consumers, and it will ship mid-February!

Hold a VeraSecure in your hands today at #CES2017 in South Hall 1 in the Z-Wave Alliance booth #20900

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