Thermostat Recommendation

New to Vera and looking for a recommendation for a thermostat for my system.

Lowes has the CT-101 - very affordable - : Lots of choices depending on what you want to do.

I second the ct101. Had it on two HVAC systems, no problems. It acts like a normal programmable thermostat for normal people.

Think the CT-101 is only USA Z-wave and not available outside USA?

I’ve had the CT101 Thermostat way back with my Lowe’s Iris system. I now have it on my Hubitat and works well. Is this thermostat easily set up on Vera? I’d prefer not to have to jump through several Hoops to get it working.

When Lowe’s dropped the Iris platform, I did pick up a Vera and hubitat for comparison. I’d like to try to start moving fully over to the Vera platform.