Thermostats not reporting back to Vera

Have been trying to configure a Reactor to kick off some ceiling fans whenever the AC fan is running. I thought i had this working, but it seems to have issues pretty much every day. I decided to take a look at what it is actually doing via the “Device Spy” feature of reactor, but even though the fan kicked on in the AC, the device spy reported no changes. Anyone have any ideas on how to make these report back correctly?

My Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats report “Fan Status” which shows “On” and “Off”. Does your thermostat device have that variable?

yep, it has it, but it seems to always report “On” even if the fan is not blowing. It seems like the thermostat does not set the variable correctly. it’s a CT100 thermostat if that helps.

The Z-Wave implementations vary widely across the different brands of thermostat. Your best bet it to search for that model on this forum to see what other have found, and trial-and-error if that doesn’t work…

I have a CT101 and I also cannot get the fan running information using Reactor. I used to use PLEG, to start a timer when the fan is running, and stop the timer when off. After so many hours of run time, the timer would turn on a virtual switch that it was time to change the filter. When I manually turned off the VS, that would reset the timer. But I have migrated to Reactor and just abandoned that feature for a while since I got kinda busy the last few months.

Whatever variable you used in PLEG would be the same one you use in Reactor.

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well, interesting thing about the CT100 is that they don’t report, so they need to be polled. I had been getting a bunch of “got CAN” messages, so the support folks turned my polling waaaayyyy down and hence these were not reporting correctly. i tuned the thermostats to poll more frequently and now things seem to be working a bit better.

OK. For the sake of clarity, that would explain why the Device Spy wasn’t showing what you wanted–the DS can’t report on it until the poll happens and the variable changes, because until that point, neither DS nor Vera itself knows.

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Yes, that was why i posted what i found so people wouldn’t think it was anything wrong with Reactor…

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Thanks, Patrick. As you know, there are a lot of variables in thermostats so perhaps I gave up too soon before finding the correct one. The other half of the issue is the concept of a timer. In PLEG, I can set up a timer, and create actions to start and stop the timer. When the timer reaches a value, it triggers a change filter virtual switch. When I manually turn off the VS, it would reset the counter to 0. I remember not being able to figure out how to start, stop, and reset a timer so I put it on a shelf. I have been too busy to play very much with a Vera that is very stable as it is.

I checked my CT101 polling and I had it set to 10800 (for some reason). I lost humidity reporting months ago so perhaps actively polling every 30 seconds will bring that back to life.

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