Timed lighting scene when door lock opened

I am trying to make a scene for the front door hall light to turn on for x minutes when the front door is unlocked during the non-daylight hours. Is this possible to do using the basic scenes in Vera?

I’ve tried to set up one, but the light turns on anytime the lock is unlocked and doesn’t turn off…perplexed.

1 Device Trigger: Schlage Deadbolt is opened
Timer: Mon-Sun 5PM to 3AM
Step 2: Device Actions:
What do you want to have happen?: Immediately Entry Ceiling light On
What do you want to have happen?:Wait for 10m and then Entry Ceiling light Off
This scene runs in any mode…

Scene runs always. When the schlage lock is opened the light turns on, but does not turn off…(any time of day).

Where did you find that timer setting?

The rest of it looks fine to me, unless you did something daft like didn’t actually set the switch position correctly on the delayed action?

Personally I’d do it in Reactor. Hell I’d live in Reactor if I could :wink:


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That schedule type can be found under: Schedule(trigger) -> Weekly.

Vera does not have an option for “Day/Night” hours, but I think you can do it through a plugin like “Day/Night” or any other…I’m not very good with plugins so I do not know all of them and what they can do, sorry!

You can also send an email to support and ask for help or send me a private message with the Tech Support string (Settings -> Customer Care -> Enable), also I would need the details, which Door and Switch and Hours exactly and I can try to create a scene to do what you’ve wanted.

I hope it helps! cheers!


Thanks. I couldn’t see it where I was poking around as I was looking at different triggers.

You learn something new every day :slight_smile:


After a bit of tweaking/correcting it appears I have it working now. I’ll have to take a look at reactor I guess.

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