TKBHome TZ74 Plus Dual Relay Module Configuration

Hi, I got a TKBHome TZ4 Plus Dual relay Module Configuration that I want to include in my Vera Edge controller.

It is not in the list of the devices directly recognized by the VERA Edge “add device” menu, so, I assume I have to include it as a “Generic Z-Wave Device”, but remembering the experience with another “not in the list” device, as the Coolcam sensor are, I suppose I will have to change some of the parameters in the “Advanced” configuration of the device.

Anyone can tell me what parameters should I hace to change and what values have to be put in them?

Should I open a ticket in support asking them for answering me the question?

Thanks and kind regards.


I’ve also got a TZ74. I’ve added it as a generic zwave device inj Vera but it only gets configured as a single switch. Any idea what the parameters are for setting the second switch?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, Martin. You are right, I came back again to the device definition and there is only ONE device that probably will control BOTH switches. As it was the first time I was including such a device at that time, I was not aware of the need for the two “sub-devices/childs”. And, as I still doesn’t have physically installed them, I didn’t test that way of control yet.

When I was looking for the TZ74 I got in touch with TKBHome people and put precisely the question if each one of the switches was controllable from Z-Wave commands/orders and the answer was YES, so I just re-took that series of mails and re-sent to them asking for it.

Any news I would get I will update this thread with it.


Update for Martin and for any other new users of TKBHome TZ74 with similar problem.

I got answer from TKBHome suggesting me to exclude and re-include the TZ74 from the VERA Edge, as their test worked.

I did it and now it works as expected. In the VERA User interface there are three devices, the “full one” and another one for each of the “sub-switches”.

Probably it was a matter of the VERA Edge code. When I included it for the first time, the new version hadn’t come yet. Some weeks later on, the new version of Edge code came, I updated the controller, but I didn’t came back again to the TZ74, as I have them for a future automation project.

Following TKBHome suggestion, I excluded and re-included it, having now the last code version (April 2019) of the Edge implemented, and it appears in the user interface as expected and as I explained, three devices, the full one and each of the switches.

Hope this helps.