Today we launch official Google Assistant compatibility for Vera!

Today we launch the Google Assistant compatibility for Vera.

It’s easy, just use these simple steps:


Congrats on this lunch to the team! Now waiting for more Alexa goodness :wink:


No Vera in Google Home app tho … :thinking:


Me either…

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Same here, no " Vera Smarter Home Control" can be found from Google home app


Me too, I only see vera concierge

Same issue. Missing from Google.

Google Home app does not find the Vera controller under New Devices and it is not available under Works with Google.

Using Google Home app version Android 9 on Samsung GS10+

US - northern California

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Once again … :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::see_no_evil:

Is this region specific? Also not seeing it. (South Africa)

nothing even in (Italy)

nothing listed in France either

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Same in US - San Diego, CA

Using Google Home app version Android 9 on Google Pixel 2

No, Vera Smarter Home Control

I really, really, really don’t want anything to do with Google.
I noticed the app installs itself without consent just now and when I uninstall it it just reinstalls.

Making these decisions for me is just not ok. Make this optional.
In the meantime… How do I block and uninstall?

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Same problem here (Sweden).
Has anyone got this to work?

Hi everyone,

We’ve got word from Google that it might take up to a few hours for Vera Action to propagate for everyone.

Vera firmware requirement is 7.29+


I will clarify this with the team. I’m sorry about this.

Please log a ticket with our customer care team so they can have a look at this.

This might be a good time for me to ask a dumb question regarding Vera FW versions.

My VeraEdge reports that it is at the current FW level - version 1.7.4452

Does that translate somehow to 7.29+?

I’m currently accessing Vera devices using Home Assistant via Vera Concierge, installed on my Synology system. I want to transition over to the Vera app in Vera, but I’m apprehensive about messing up, so I want to be careful to not break what is already working from the alternate system.

Few hours? Its been 15 since your announcement. But i guess that good things come to those who wait.