Today we launch official Google Assistant compatibility for Vera!

Ireland, same issue. Not seeing Vera in Google home, the plugin is installed (automatically).

Will Vera Action just magically appear or will it be in an upgrade to the version of the Home app?

I could be wrong but I don’t think it will require an update to the Home App itself. I think it’s more likely that the change to add the Vera Smater Home Control would be made at the Google server end. I’m more troubled with the reference to the requirement for the Vera firmware to be at 7.29+. I don’t see that kind of numbering reference on my Vera at all,

I did find a mention that 7.29 equates to the 1.7.4452 which my unit shows, but I haven’t been able to find anything that shows the correlation to 7.29+.

Any update from Google about when this will appear in the Home app?

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The beta release info may shed some light on that.

I have a Vera Plus : You are running the latest version 1.7.4453

Congrats for this big step.

However, I ,like many others, could not find ‘Google smarter Home control’.

Have anyone tried if it works on Google Home Hub and how it looks like on its screen?

No, because its not available yet.

Can anyone say when it will be available??

Still no “Vera Smarter Home” in Google Home app present.:grimacing:

No “Vera” option to add.

Also, Google Home just showed up as installed without me adding the app to my home controller. ?

Shaking my head.

Three vera controllers. Two with google home. Both vera’s with google home had the app installed. The vera with no google home interaction did not? (edit. no google home on network, so no app installed) SO, its not installing on ALL vera’s. Just those who have a google home on the same network?

Great news.

It’s been a long wait, but it’s here, well almost. Still no sign of in the Google Home app. :frowning:

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As with the Alexa plugin, this is an auto installing one. You need the last firmware and a luup reload. It will install at the first time these conditions are true.

Hi, everyone, we may have spoken earlier but it was our understanding that it should not take too long for the Vera Action app to propagate. But apparently it does.

I’m sorry for this but hey we’re there, the app is approved and should be visible any moment now.

Meanwhile, we’ve contacted Google for clarifications.


WOO-HOO. I’m traveling now, but as soon as I get home tonight I’ll give it a go.


you’ve made my wife very happy!

Looking forward to hearing about Google’s clarification and expected timeframe for it to be working. Australia.

Yes. However, I don’t have an alexa and the plugin gets installed.

I do have a google home. However, my vera in a house without google home remains free of the app. I actually like this. I wish I could do the same with the Alexa app.

I was a little surprised the Google Home app self installed since the instructions indicated I would have to install the app.

Guessing this is going to irritate some who want to keep the app clutter down.

As you can see from this post, we don’t not like it at all… :slight_smile:


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