Total newbie here need HELP! Somfy

Hi there, need your help. I had a ZIPABOX which seems to me like good stuff. After 2 years and 2 months its broken and the warrianty is away so I have to buy new one zipabox or switch to different device. I want to control my window shutters with somfy oximo RTS433Mhz motors and I would like to know if it is difficult to set it and integrate it with vera. Is better Vera edge or Vera plus? And how difficult is to set up the rules?
I am from Europe (forgot to say).

Hello Eva. The Vera Plus or Vera Edge do not include 433Mhz support. The Vera Secure for Europe has proprietary 433Mhz but I have no idea if it has or will have support for your Somfy motors. I currently support a plugin for the Vera so that it can operate with the RFXCom RFXtrtx433XL transceiver. This plugin and transceiver communicate with Somfy devices but I have no personal experience using them. You may want to look into the Plugins and Plugin development -> USB RFXtrx Transceiver category in this forum and search for or ask about others that have experience with your particular Somfy devices.

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A number of us use the ZRTSI module as a bridge between the zwave radio in the vera and the RTS433. It is sold by Somfy and used to be quite expensive but I has since been obsoleted. If you are able to get one of these I would recommend it since it is supported by the vera. One ZRTSI bridge can control 16 somfy motors.

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Hi @tinman,
have to say that RFXtrx433XL transceiver works really great! I bought it on Friday and whole Saturday tried to run all my Somfy RTS blinds but without success. Yesterday I made a deep reading of all topics here about it and made an up-date of the RFX unit, installed a plug in 1.82 and it works!!! I am sooooo happy!!!
I have one more question for you. Is possible to see the real level of the blinds? It shows only 0% or 100%. I can use only the buttons UP, DOWN and STOP.
Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately the level is not communicated in the RTS protocol. So you would need to move to the zwave control to get this feature.

@rafale77 Ok, thanks. And do you know if is possible to set different level of blinds than 0% and 100%?

You will have to rely on fairly inaccurate timing:

First calculate the opening % as a function of time.

Then using a scene: you will have to make the correspondance of % with time and make that the delay between the start move command and the stop. It is not hard to do with lua. But you would have to complete the first step.


I realisted it into a scene definition. I configured as ex. an action down Delay 2 Second and than stop.

+/- 60% of my Blinds.

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Where can I set these actions, do you have some printscreen please? @Nobby1704