Tracking Fridge energy use(not working ergy issue?)

Good Afternoon all,

I have had my vera plus controller for about 6 months now and its been great. i recently purchased a zooz zen 15 to see how much energy the fridge draws a day, a week, a month, etc
Now when i click on the energy tab it says No gateway info response!. I found some articles that the ergy app no longer really works and that it from what i can gather never really did. Does anybody have an alternative as to how to monitor the energy usage? With out having to code something my self which i have very limited knowledge off.

Thanks for the help !

Perhaps DataYours app.

ALTUI (available from the App store) shows a simple power bar graph of all power-reporting devices. The device controls display the instantaneous power and kWh of the device. Perhaps this will be sufficient for your needs?


Ergy has been broken for years and as @HSD99 and @tinman are suggesting, a lot of third party logging/graphing are available. I personally use graphana and @akbooer historian.

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