TRANE TZEMT400AB32MAA installation help.... new Vera Edge

I am trying to setup a new Vera system in my house with a Vera Edge. I did a vera install many many years ago for my in laws, so I have some pieces from that which I am trying to use.

I have an old thermostat a Trane TZEMT400AB32MAA which I was hoping to get installed. The house I am trying to put it in is heat only oil burner for a steam system. The thermostat I would be replacing is a Honeywell CT87K. This thermostat only has 2 wires a red and a white. They connect to a Calin ProX 70200 oil burner and the wires are connected to T1 and T2 on the burner.

It seems that the Trane thermostat requires a C 24V wire, which I don’t believe I have. I can get an extra wire to the burner but I just need some help with how it all connects. Is anyone familiar enough that they can help walk me through this. I’m familiar with home electrical wiring and low voltage data wiring, but I’m not familiar with low voltage thermostat wiring.

thank you for any help that you can provide me.

Hi Mark, just came across your note and maybe by now you have worked it out.

I also have a Trane thermostat (same model as yours) that I have been using for ~10 years at a second home. I remember running into the same issue with power connection that you mention. The thermostat I was replacing used batteries so power wasn’t connected.

In my case the system does both forced air heating and AC. I remember there was already a 24V transformer on the system but there was no wire connected to the 24v terminal. The cable running to the thermostat had a few unused conductors so I just repurposed one for power.

So you should try to track down the installation docs for your system. Presumably there is a 24v terminal on the control board. It would be good to have a DVM handy to verify the voltage.

The documentation for the Trane is good. In case you need it I found this link:

I am curious to know if you have already paired it with your Vera Edge. My Trane is currently paired with a Vera 3 running UI5 and it has run solid for many years. I recently bought a Vera Plus. I’m not sure it supports the Trane but I will eventually attempt to pair them.


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